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r  e  t  u  r  n  i  n  g

In the here and now, a meeting took place, an event between layers in time.
Moments of 'Kairos' glimpsed through 'Chronos' - hints of eternity through our temporal lenses.
By attending to the sensorial exploration of skin, unfolding our relationship to a layer of protection we tune towards what we cannot leave behind and the impossibility of being absent from our envelope.
By examining weight, continuity, linearity and intimacy the work alludes to cycles of impossible utopias intertwined with longing, time loops and the never-ending process of healing and adjusting.
"...understating time is understanding us and understanding us is understand time" - Carlo Rovelli

Choreography and performance by Nitsan Margaliot
Music - Cello Steuart Pincombe
Skin sculpture by Manuela Benaim

Commissioned by Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company in cooperation with the Jewish Community Frankfurt am Main as part of the Jewish Cultural Weeks 2019, Premiered at Frankfurt LAB in 2019.
Presented in 2021 at the Music and Movement Virtual Conference, Department of Music, University of Pittsburgh and at soundance festival Berlin, together with Boram Lie.

Pictures credit- David Bachar and 
De-Da Productions


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