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"... a question only kids ask themselves for real, and then we sick people ask it again. Is it ok to lie? Is it okay to be lied to? 
A healthy grown-up won't even give it a thought, the answers seems obvious right? We learn to tell lies, the same way we talk, they teach us how to talk and how to be quiet."
a journey, two characters, attempting inner conversation, prolonging the conflict, entangled in one another.
The work is inspired by the book “Talking to Ourselves” by Andrés Neuman.

Created and performed by Nitsan Margaliot // Dancer and collaborator Joan Vercoutere // Music by Orgad Marciano // Artistic adviser Anna Röthlisberger // Objects designed by Daniel and Angle Ben Mayor // The work was created in a residency at Adama Center, Sderot and
Premiered at Adama Festival & at Kelim Choreographic Center, Israel.


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