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Solo is a Question
The research project followed my interest in researching solo form as a motor to understand and formulate the potential to manifest multiplicity when confronting verbal questions. The project invited 9 guest dancers over a course of 9 months, each for a single month, to join me in questioning, exploring, moving and researching what questions can do to the dancing body; How do we, dancers- hack, transform and maneuver questions and how do questions move us to discover new ways of moving.

 How do questions trigger the dance? Nourish the moving body? Raise doubts about the relationship between words and movement? Complicate and expand what the dancer knows and doesn't know?
I spent precious time questioning and moving together with Ashley Wright, Eli Cohen, Scott Jennings, Zuki Ringart, Tamar Ana Sonn, Noa Shiloh, Juan Corres Benito, Tamar Grosz and Olivia Ancona.
The research took place thanks to the kind support of the DIS-TANZ-SOLO research grant of the Dachverband Tanz.

a series of entanglements — suspended and expanded topography
a catalog of works, experiments, practices, and researches which took place over the course of the last two years as part of the Dance MFA program at the University of the Arts.


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