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a visit

With 'a visit' we shift between happenings that are
about to happen and those that already took place.

We step in an abandoned tale, a surrounding where
the space is guiding our steps, a version of our
silhouettes, a roadmap in the stars.

Here, the micro-invisible particles are taking various

In our creation process, we position ourselves in the
midst of a situation, suspending and moving across tangible encounters. Guided by surfaces and frequency through call and response, we join a thin layer of togetherness, an allowance to feel without seeing ahead. Our journeys collide and deviate as we reach flickers of familiarity.

Creation by Mari Sawada & Nitsan Margaliot
 at Radialsystem as part of Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop LOVE:15

Objects Design: Nevo Bar
Embroidery Work: Joachim Perez
Music: Capriccio N.2  from „Sei Capricci per violino“ (1976) by Salvatore Sciarrino

Special thanks: Daniel Glatzel (recording) and Dana Pshigoda.

Pictures by Arnaud Ele

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